Pace of coursework and extensions

ORVED students generally have 18 weeks to complete a course. Each course is worth .5 credits, or 1 semester. For example, if you are taking English 9, semester 1 and you begin on October 1, 2012, your final day to turn in work would be February 11, 2013 (that’s actually 19 weeks, but we take a week off for winter break).

Extension Policy:

Regular courses are eligible for up 4 weeks in extensions for a max of 22 weeks in a course. For students who are paying for courses out of pocket or for students that are NOT full time students with ORVED , please see the pricing guide in the course catalog

Credit Recovery courses are NOT eligible for extensions.

ORVED students on IEP's or 504's with course modifications are eligible for extended time. Please contact the office for more information.