Harassment and bullying

As an ORVED student, you have the right to interact with students and staff online in a way that is safe, positive, and free of derogatory, racist, sexist, or other harassing comments or actions. Harassment and bullying based on gender, sex, race, ethnicity, disability or any other type of harassment and bullying will not be tolerated.

ORVED takes the issue of harassment and bullying very seriously. As most of us already know, harassment and bullying frequently occur online – in fact, sometimes the relative anonymity of the online world makes it easier for people to harass others. However, we take steps to minimize the opportunity for online harassment. All email between staff and students is archived. In addition, all posted discussions and assignments are preserved in the course databases, making it easy to track down and handle issues. In Moodle classes, your email address is masked from other students, while in EdOptions, you have an in-system email that you use to communicate with teachers rather than your real email address.

If you have any concerns whatsoever about bullying or harassment, please contact your instructor or the ORVED principal right away. We take these issues seriously and the sooner you bring them to us, the sooner we can resolve them.

Any ORVED students who are found to have harassed or bullied other ORVED students will be disciplined. Consequences may include expulsion from ORVED.