Drops and warnings

You are expected to check in with your teachers twice each week, as well as to complete assignments on deadline. If you fail to attend via checking in, or fail to maintain a reasonable pace and meet assignment deadlines, your ORVED teacher may ask the principal to issue a warning.

Warnings are issued after (2) missed check in's, or failing to complete assignments on deadline. These are automatic emails that are sent out every Thursday at 6:30 AM if the student has less than 2 check ins. This gives students the opportunity to get both their check ins completed , if they have not completed any.  If you receive the email, and you have checked in with your teacher via phone, the teacher has to manually enter that into the system. Our student information database does not connect to a phone system so it will not know that you called your teacher. 

If, after a warning, you do not comply with your attendance or assignment requirements, you will be dropped from the class from the class. (4) missed check in's is equivalent to missing 10 consecutive school days and is in violation of Oregon truancy laws.