Welcome call

Any method or script may be used at the teacher's discretion. Consider the following when conducting a welcome call. 

  • The teacher and student get to "meet" each other
  • The teacher can often introduce himself/herself to the parent or guardian
  • The teacher helps the student understand the goals and outcomes of the course
  • The student leaves knowing what they must do to be successful
  • The teacher can answer any specific questions the student has about the course material
  • We encourage students to initiate setting up the orientation phone call. However, it is fine if you initiate setting it up as well. If a student consistently does not respond to your request for an orientation phone call, this may be grounds for a warning or drop.

Sample of common student questions:

  • What is this class about?
  • What do I (the student) need to do to succeed in class?
  • When am I expected to turn in work?
  • What is your policy on deadlines, late work and extensions?
  • How often am I expected to check in via email or phone per week for attendance purposes?
  • What if I get stuck – who do I ask for help?
  • How can I (the student) contact you (the teacher)?
  • How long should I (the student) reasonably expect to wait for feedback on an assignment?
  • How do you grade? (If you’re doing anything other than points, you might want to consider a third party gradebook that will do complex weighting for you)
  • What is my last day to turn in work?