Oral assessment guide

The idea is that the student and teacher will directly interact with one another and the teacher will be able to gauge the student's comprehension and mastery of any given content. The attached guide uses Bloom's Revised Taxonomy to suggest a possible structure for conducting discussion-based/oral assessments. Feel free to use your own method you believe allows you to authentically gauge student learning. 

Sample Oral Assessment guide

Discussion Based Assessment FAQ

1)      My courses don’t have as many DBAs. They are not at the end of each module. Can I add DBAs? 

a.       Yes. As a teacher you have to be confidant that your student knows the information, if you feel that the student is getting the content,           then however many you do is fine. 

2)      I have been using PH for the DBA’s and welcome calls. What should I be using? 

a.       The code to use: DBA= Discussion Based Assessment
          These are other options that are used for other purposes and should be used for the description: 
           CM= check in missing, PH= phone EM= email, VID= video 

b.      These codes will be added soon: W= Welcome call, AA = Assessment attempted 

3)      How do I record the DBA’s in Synergy? 

a.       You can record your DBA’s by going into your attendance keeping and selecting the code DBA. It is simply a matter of clicking few more times until the correct code comes up. 

b.      You can also find more information by going to the teacher orientation from the summer orientation slide show that Marghee shared with you. 

4)      Do you want the DBA in the grade book section? 

a.       No. ORVED doesn't use the grade book. Just log the DBA in the attendance section using the DBA code. 

5)   Should I be using synergy for TTOA DBA’s since they have the spreadsheets? 

a.       They will track their own DBA's