Invoices are due the first Friday of every month , and checks will be issued by the second Friday of each month unless otherwise noted by ORVED staff. Invoices are created in Google Sheets , and share with ORVED monthly. Feel free to copy the linked invoice below.

Sample ORVED Invoice ORVED Subject Codes Calendar dates and due dates

All invoice must have the following information for them to be processed through payroll:
Correct name
Current phone & address
Date Range - These must match to the invoice calendar issued. Dates cannot be on weekends.
Invoice code - The ending date of the current invoice date range without (/) plus the first initial if first name and first three letters of last name .
Example : 7292016MMER

Total Amount - This will be for the specific course code. If you have multiples codes , please only total for single code.
Enter data under each header according to your records. If the student is currently in your class, no need to enter anything in the end date field.
Make sure top total and bottom total matches.

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