Final Grade/Drop/Concern Procedure

ORVED uses a google form  for official notifications that are sent on your behalf to the parent or guardian that signed the student up for the class. Please note that the notice will not be sent to the student or the parent, only the person who officially signed up the student. 

Drop Warning -  Notice will be sent if the student missed 2 check ins( 5 days absent) 

Drop Notice - Notice will be sent if the student missed 4 check ins (10 days absent , Truant)

Progress/Pace Concern -Notice will be sent if the student is not progressing at a pace that aligns with the target end date.   

Two Week Grace Period Concern  - Notice is sent if the student has reached 2 weeks of enrolled in the class and has not completed work or checked in. 

Final Grade/Course Completion - A student has completed all of their assigned coursework (95% complete) , or has reached the end of the 18 weeks allotted. 

Final grades clarifications: A student has come to the end of an 18-week course (or longer if extended) and all missing work has been zeroed-out and the student's remaining grade is 60% or higher score.
Or the student has completed 70% of the course, and you have entered zeros for all remaining grades, the grade calculated in Brainhoney after that is the students final grade. 
.25 credit can be awarded if a student has reached the end of the 18 weeks or wishes to drop the class after 8 weeks of enrolled and they have completed between 50%-60% of the class with a passing grade. Please see grading scale below for letter grade to percentage conversion. 

Grading policies and grading scale

All final grades are at the discretion of the ORVED instructor. 

Due Dates for Final Grades
Final grades are due after a student has completed their final assignment/exam. The grade must be submitted to ORVED no later than the end of the billable week, or 7 days after the final submission. Please see Exhibit 1
 " Services to be performed " of the ORVED independent contractor agreement. 

Official grading scale
The official ORVED grading scale for the 2016-2017 year is:
A                98-100
A                 92-97
A-                90-91
B+               88-89
B                 82-87
B-                80-81
C+               78-79
C                 72-77
C-                70-71
D+               68-69
D                 62-67
D-                60-61
F                 59 or below ( withdraws/drop after first 8 weeks)
W (withdraws/drops in first 8 weeks, and has not completed 50% of the course)

Awarding Honors Credit
Honor credit can be awarded to students who complete the honors work and are enrolled in the honors course. You will be notified via synergy if they are working for honors credit.