Attendance policies

ORVED complies with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE)'s policy for reporting attendance for online students. We err on the side of applying the strictest policy possible to every student in an effort to ensure compliance and make reporting easier for our districts.

All ORVED students must:
Check in with each ORVED teacher two (2) times per week
Check in Monday through Friday ONLY (weekends do not count)
Communicate via email, phone, text, Skype, chat, other video conference
Be involved in a TWO-WAY communication: either the student initiates contact and the teacher responds; or the teacher initiates contact and the student responds. Leaving a voicemail does not count. Making a comment on the student's assignment does not count. There must be actual communication.
All ORVED teachers are expected to:
Respond to student communications and checkins within 24 hours except on weekends
Track student checkins on a weekly basis, including: Student's name, course, teacher name, date and method of student checkin, date and method of teacher response
Teachers are expected to have 10 hours of regular office hours every week.

Taking Attendance in Synergy

Teachers take attendance in synergy by logging into their account. 

Once you are logged into your account, go to the attendance icon. Once you are in the 'taking attendance window', you can simply click on the student you want and click until you have the correct code ( CM= Check in missing, EM= email, PH = Phone, DBA = Discussion based assessment, Vid= video )

Enter something for every day
Enter attendance for the previous week by Sunday
Drop warnings are submitted after two missed check ins or 5 days 
Students are dropped after 4 missed check ins or 10 days

1 missed check in = 3 days absent 
2 missed check in = 5 days absent ( send warning)
4 missed check in = 10 days absent ( send drop)

Student checks in 1 time via email= CM CM CM EM EM
Student missed the check in at the beginning of the week ,and emailed check in at the end of the week 

Student checked in via phone and email= PH PH EM EM EM
student checked in via phone at the beginning of the week, and checked in via email at the end of the week. 

Student missed 2 check ins= CM CM CM CM CM CM