Web Design 1

The World Wide Web is not just for spectators.  It’s for people who can create effective, eye-catching websites of their own.  It’s for people like you who take this course and design web pages that get attention.

In this course, you’ll become a Web Design Intern for a virtual company called Education Designs.  You’ll learn what goes on under the hood including:  Internet basics, HTML, and the file structure of a well-organized web site.  You’ll learn how to create visually interesting web pages with clear text, complimentary colors, visual assets, and appealing designs.  You’ll also learn how to navigate the Internet to fill your website with useful and well-researched information.

Your web pages will have to be good because they may appear as information sources for other online courses.  The Internet can be a powerful way to reach anyone, anywhere - as long as you have the right skills and a little imagination.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Two semesters
  • Worth 0.5 credits per semester.