Health Life Management

Each day hundreds of decisions are made, including important decisions that have a huge impact on personal life. Making good decisions is a whole lot easier for those who have the correct information before making those decisions. Being equipped with correct information will empower students to manage real issues, like quality nutrition, substance abuse, coping with stress, and sexual abstinence.

Good health is both mental and physical. Making good decisions starts with knowing the facts, understanding the consequences, and having the confidence to choose well. A series of signposts take students through the course, providing information, direction, and a little encouragement. Students learn to use important tools for communicating feelings and opinions. Other tools provide a foundation for becoming a savvy consumer in a world of advertising, credit cards, and focusing on earth-friendly practices that will help the environment.

This course comes with a long-term payoff. Learning to make good decisions now  will set a positive direction to follow for the future.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • One semester
  • Worth 0.5 credits per semester.