Interaction guide

To get started with ORVED

Go to 

Scroll the bottom and complete the ‘Take the first step’ form and we will contact you to get it set up.

1 Orved Home Page

Counselors and online learning coaches will be known as Affiliates. 

ORVED will create a single affiliate account with the school district name. Under that affiliate there will be district users, so anyone at the district level can be a user of that account. 

Once we get the initial information, we will set you up in Genius SIS.  You will get an auto email that looks like the following:

Account Creation Notification

2 Google Email

Adding a Student

3 Click On Student Tab

There is a lot of data gathering from ODE, and this will be used for reporting at the state level. 

On the left side, there will be more options.  Locate in the left side menu

4 Add Student Info

Please fill it out completely , then Save! 

Once you hit save, an email will automatically go to the student notifying them of an account creation. 

Once you have completed the form, you will be able to view the student in the ‘Students’ tab at the top.  See image: 

5 Request A Class

Once you selected the student you want to view, the student profile page will appear: 

6 Student Profile

There are many things to see on this page. You can reset the password to the students Genius log in. You click the button, and an auto email is sent to the student and the counselor can also see the auto generated password assigned to the student. 

You are also able to see the students’ course enrollment as well as the teacher, start date, grade and number of assignments the student has completed. 

You will also be able to see when the student signed in the account. 

Enrolling in a class

Once you have created the student, you can locate the student in the Active students’ button on the left side menu

7 Select Student Active List

The student Main page will appear:

8 Enroll Student

A small pop up will appear:

9 Add New Course

Now that the course has been requested, you can view what courses have been requested by going to the My Genius tab on the top left. 

Once the class has been approved, it will appear in the Watchlist on your My Genius tab (top left, under the ORVED logo) 

10 Watchlist

Once a student has been enrolled in the class, they will get an email from ORVED. It will be sent to the email you put into the account. 

To see the students’ classes, you can click on the student name from the homepage, and it will take you to the student page. You can login as the user, and it will take you to the students’ dashboard. 

You can also reset a password, and it will auto generate the password which will appear once you click reset. It will also send an email to the student.

11 Reset Pw Student View

Student Home page

12 Student Home

Click on the class, to access it. 

It will take you to a single point sign on for Brahinoney. 

If parents wish to have an account to see what their students are doing, you can set that up by going to the student in the student section

14 Create Parents Form

Once the account is created, an email will be sent to the email that was listed notifying them that they now have an account.  

Students on IEP’s/504s

16 Upload

To Drop a student from a class:

17 Drop Student