Meeting Minutes - 05.20.2016


Board: Laurie Wimmer, Ozzie Rose, Charan Cline, Paul Zastrow

Staff: Paul Peterson, Kerri Smith, Marghee Mercer, Becca Rigert

1. Call to Order of Regular Meeting

President, Paul Zastrow called the regular meeting to order at 10:01 am.

2. Consent Items

No consent items reported at this time.

3. Reports

a. Executive Director Report

i. CTE Courses

ii. Website Logo

iii. SOU Partnership

1. Paul Peterson mentioned that we will soon be offering 2 CTE courses.

Those 2 courses will be Medical Terminology and Preparing for Health

Occupation. The teachers that will be teaching theses course must be

endorsed in Health Science. We are currently working on getting a

teacher qualified. Paul is to send the description of the courses to all

board members.

1. ORVED is currently working on redoing their website. We hope to see it

up and running in the beginning of June.

1. SOU is currently working with ORVED to provide College credit/Dual

credit to students. ORVED is working on getting teachers trained for the


b. Board Members Report

i. Laurie Wimmer reported on the February 2015 legislative update, which is a

ii. Charan Cline reported on the high rank-promise proficiency Education vs. dual

study of virtual school districts. Right now there is not enough information to

take a deep dive.

credit. He suggests that we change our transcript on how it is noted. He also

thinks that our teacher should be working with college teachers to make sure

that the students are learning the right curriculum.

c. Grant Marketing – Marghee Mercer

i. Marghee joined the meeting from Bend. She stated that we currently have 850

individual enrollments and 47 schools that are enrolled. Marghee is working on

getting members together for future planning. North Lake School District is very

pleased with our program. We do have a complaint about our Spanish teachers

not being available during school hours. We are currently working on getting

this fixed.

d. State Testing – Becca Rigert

i. We currently have 15 students that have completed their testing and 6 students

that have opted out. We are waiting to get 3 students tested and then will be


4. Communication

5. Old Business

a. No reports at this time.

a. ODE Contract

i. No new information at this time. The contract has been sent to the lawyer to be

b. Policies

i. Paul Zastrow has moved to adopt all 4 new policies(AC, AC-AR, JEDA,

looked over. Paul to send contract to Board members.

GBK/JFGG/KGC). This was seconded by Laurie Wimmer.

6. New Business

a. Financial Reports

i. Paul Peterson reported that the current expenditures are as follows

ii. We are currently serving 44 FT Charter, 13 PT Charter for West and 2 FT Charter

iii. Paul Peterson reported that Gaston will be sending ORVED a check for

($52,017.67, MTD; $400,307.53, YTD). We currently have a total of


and 1 PT Charter for East. We are currently serving a total of 60 Charter


roughly $65,000. The State should be sending a check for approximately

$335,000 for the grant. We have almost hit the $400,000 limit for the grant


b. Audit Report – Matt Graves

i. Not available to attend.

c. Sick Time Policy/Staff Ethics

i. Paul Peterson presented these policies to the board. They will need to be

approved at the next meeting.

Adjourned at 10:40 am by Paul Zastrow.

Next Meeting will be April 15 th , 2016 @ 10 am via Zoom