Meeting 07.15.2016

Go to:
Entires > Singles > Board Meetings

To add a meeting:
- Scroll to the bottom of the Board Meetings entries and find the [ + Meeting ] button.
- Pick the meeting date
- Add an Agenda by clicking [ + Agenda ]
- You can add/remove a PDF version or add an HTML Agenda directly from this page.
- Add meeting minutes by clicking [ + Meeting Minutes ]
- You can add/remove a PDF version or add HTML Meeting Minutes directly from this page.
- Indicate lack of a quorum by turning on the No quorum switch
- Add a note by typing in the note field
- Click Save at the top of the page

This should be a huge improvement for your workflow.

I can be available if you have any questions Tuesday during the meeting. Just let me know when it’s scheduled.
Sean O'Brien