Oregon Virtual Education (ORVED) was originally formed in 2009 with the cooperation of Education Service Districts (ESDs) around Oregon. Northwest Regional Education Service District has taken the lead in developing ORVED into an approved virtual public charter school. ORVED provides online courses to students in grades 6-12. Every course includes innovative online curriculum, a highly qualified Oregon licensed teacher, and technical and teacher support.

ORVED has no corporate alliances, shareholders, or exclusive contracts. Through its policies and practices, ORVED is committed to helping Oregon schools personalize learning for all students. Governance is provided by a board of directors representing Chalkboard Project, COSA, OAESD, OEA, and OSBA. We enter into cooperative agreements with school districts to provide students with a hybrid and comprehensive educational experience, in which students can participate fully in their local school and in ORVED’s online learning program.

Although ORVED enrolls full-time students, the greatest utilization of our offerings (over 90%) is students enrolled in local school districts. The average student takes one or two online courses at a time, while staying engaged with their local brick-and-mortar school for other courses and activities. Students begin courses when they are ready and work at their own pace. Although students have 18 weeks to complete each course, many students find they are able to complete a course in 14-16 weeks because they are working at their own pace. Some students take courses during the summer. This freedom keeps the program centered on individual student needs. There is no concept of “seat time” in ORVED rather a focus on ensuring student proficiency.

Guidance counselors and administrators in cooperating school districts use ORVED to strengthen and supplement their local program and a variety of other reasons, including: provide access to courses not available in their school, resolve scheduling conflicts, enhance TAG opportunities, provide credit recovery, lower class size, and provide education to students unable to attend school for medical or disciplinary reasons.

At ORVED, we are also attentive to the needs of home-schooled students who may require a different approach to student learning. We work closely with parents and school districts to engage these students in high-quality online learning. In sustained partnership with districts, parents, and students, ORVED continues its focus on creating online programs and options that meet the needs of our students, thereby, ensuring equitable education and access to exceptional learning opportunities.